Allowing Social Workers to Book Their Own Journeys

Meet Sue. She’s Transport Manager at a Local Authority. It’s her job to manage transport for those with special needs.

Sue runs a team of planners who spend their days on the phone to social workers, entering booking details.

The team listen to requirements and make bookings. It’s time consuming and demanding work – and there’s always a chance of data being misheard and entered incorrectly.

Sometimes jobs are received by fax or email and require additional calls to confirm details.

Sue’s team are trying their best but they’re not working effectively - and passengers are suffering as a result.

Meet Judy. She’s also Transport Manager at a Local Authority, but three months ago she installed Trapeze’s Web Worker system, which enables social workers to book journeys themselves.

Web Worker lets social workers log in via a PC, Smartphone or tablet, using a simple interface to make their own booking in seconds.

Jobs automatically appear on the transport scheduling system where Judy’s team can quickly check them before they are dispatched. Everything is so much quicker, so the team can focus on those jobs that really need their attention.

Social workers can book requests and also review and amend client trip data through Web Worker, promoting the provision of accurate information without the need to communicate directly with the transport team.

Judy’s team are happier and more efficient in their work – and Judy is delighted because the system has already paid for itself in operational savings.

Best of all, the data is more accurate than ever – which means a better service for the passengers.

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Web Worker improves productivity in Local Authority Transport Departments by allowing social workers to book journeys themselves.