Improving Driver Training

Meet Sam. As the manager of a bus company Sam is always looking for ways to reduce his operational expenses.

Two years ago Sam invested in telematics technology – he fitted out all his vehicles with boxes to enable him to analyse and reward driver behaviour. The system works pretty well but the hardware was expensive and his drivers don’t particularly like it.

Two months ago, Sam decided to try Trapeze’s NOVUS Driver Training system, which integrates all of the data from the telematics system with schedule, real-time, incidents and more. It can even accept data feeds from CCTV.

By bringing together all the data, Sam has created a virtual training facility for his drivers. Drivers can utilise up to date information regarding areas where other drivers have experienced issues, or where incidents have occurred. It even includes integrated video showing things to watch out for.

Dave the driver loves NOVUS Driver Training. He can log in from home to virtually ‘drive’ his route, and when route changes occur it’s now no longer a stressful experience; he just re-familiarises himself with the route online and checks the latest data. Now he feels comfortable and ready to go.

Not only does Novus Driver Training enhance the cost savings and safety benefits of telematics systems; it also enables Sam to be proactive in his duty planning by performing risk assessment on routes and assigning drivers accordingly.

Sam is delighted that his existing telematics system is now being utilised to the full, and his drivers feel NOVUS Driver Training gives them the support they need to do their job safely and efficiently.

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