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Maximising Efficiency, Minimising Resource & Strategic Planning

Your Challenge

Do you ever find yourself struggling to plan sufficiently far ahead? We sometimes hear Heads of Planning complain that they are only able to plan six weeks ahead, rather than the 10 weeks they really need. In our experience this usually occurs due to workload and procedural inefficiency: the result is that the Head of Operations is unable to find the time necessary to focus on the kind of strategic planning that would really deliver efficiency to their organisation and quality of service to their passengers.

The Solution

One of the major causes of this situation is actually disparate technology (or for some processes, absence of technology at all). Utilising multiple technology solutions for different elements of planning creates needless data entry workload (and introduces risk of data entry), and denies planners the kind of instant visibility of high level performance data required to identify issues and understand how to improve them.

Consolidating your technology into a single, fully integrated solution offers the ability to manage timetables, resources (vehicles and crew) and optimisation via one application utilising a shared database. In this way you can be completely sure that any changes ripple through all associated systems, with validations in place to ensure a change in one area (say, rolling stock) is flagged and resolved wherever else it impacts (for example, on crew allocations).

Trapeze’s Rail solutions enable you to:

* Create efficient strategic plans that maximise capacity and effectively meet customer expectations

* Minimise resource requirements to deliver against franchise requirements

* Understand the true cost of running your service

* Utilise automation wherever possible

* Respond quickly – and with all necessary information – to changing demands

* Improve day-to-day efficiency

Trapeze Rail Technology

Trapeze’s suite of integrated rail solutions help Heads of Planning to create robust, strategic plans that deliver maximum efficiency with minimal resource:

1) Timetable Planner

2) Resource Planner

3) Optimisation

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