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Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a simple, fast and hugely effective automatic call-taking system which enables customers to make ASAP bookings from their regular pick-up location in as little as a second.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Explained

IVR dramatically increases call-taking capability and reduces the burden on telephonists, leaving them free them to deal with passenger enquiries or more complex bookings.

As well as standard ASAP jobs, IVR can also accept multiple pick-up locations (ideal for mobile phone users); future bookings up to a week in advance; account job bookings; and voice-prompted bookings (for supermarket free phones etc.)

And IVR even acts as an automatic ‘back on phone’ solution: it detects when a customer is calling back, and automatically reads out job information such as the dispatch time; vehicle make, model and registration number; and driver name.