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Drive 360 Eclipse

The Drive 360° Eclipse is a complete driver solution providing all the tools a driver needs to do their job.  Inside or outside the vehicle, Eclipse ensures drivers have access to their working system, with freedom offered by PMR radio, GPRS, or a combination of the two.

Drive 360 Eclipse Explained

With on-board GPS, GPRS and an internal loud speaker, Eclipse doesn’t require external devices before it is ready to use.  Software updates – including zone changes – can be delivered wirelessly for convenience and uninterrupted work; and because Eclipse can be installed in seconds it is ideal for new drivers who join the company – or for those who have developed a fault with any existing equipment.

The unit’s crown jewel is its gorgeous 5” (800x480) touch screen which provides the sort of style associated with modern consumer electronics devices – and the screen size is invaluable when it comes to displaying Fare Calculator’s meter information to the customer.