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Automatic Data Dispatch

Automatic data dispatch is one of the main reasons the industry has seen huge ‘superfleets’ emerge in almost every large city. 

Automatic Data Dispatch Explained

Managing a fleet that size – and the number of jobs needed to serve it – would be a logistical impossibility for a human dispatcher, but with data dispatch it is possible to process tens of thousands of jobs every day; the dispatch system tracking where the vehicles are via GPS, and automatically sending out the jobs to the most appropriately positioned vehicle, taking into account factors such as vehicle requirements, waiting times, and so on.

Automatic dispatch also provides one other crucial benefit: it creates a completely level playing field for all drivers.  ‘Feeding’ is no longer a concern, so all drivers can be sure that they are being treated fairly.  Office staff (optionally) retain the essential ability to manually override dispatch routines, but management reports ensure that any wrongdoing can be easily spotted and resolved.