Up in the cloud: Wiltshire County Council realise benefits of web-based RTPI

Staverton, UK | June 26, 2015


Local Authority workers at Wiltshire Council are quickly realising the benefits offered by a new browser-based back office Real-Time Passenger Information (RTPI) system as it is rolled out across the county.

Trapeze’s NOVUS RT’s web-based delivery affords workers flexibility to work where required, and greater ability to share data with operational partners. Elizabeth Douglas, Real-Time Bus Information Systems Manager, comments: "Using a web-based system means that, in the future, we may be able to share our data more easily with operators, which could help them improve their own business strategies."
The back office is the first stage in a project intended to radically improve information delivery to the travelling public: Key in all this has been working with the county’s bus operator partners; all of which in Wiltshire – with the exception of Stagecoach - now share their AVL data. "RTPI is key to meeting our objective of promoting public transport by providing the public with accurate information they can rely on," Ms Douglas says. "NOVUS RT is more accurate than our previous system, and links with the AVL units and ticketing machines on most local operator vehicles to provide accurate real-time information."

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