The Trapeze indoor charity triathlon

| August 08, 2015

This year, Trapeze UK is taking part in a static charity triathlon to raise money for the British Cardiac Patient’s Association in memory of our colleague Chris Gough, who passed away early in 2014. The event will see Trapeze employees cover a total of 1,300 km – the distance between our head office in the UK, and the Trapeze offices in Aarhus, Denmark.

The journey, which began on 3rd August and continues through August, will see staff travel some 276 km by foot; 205 km on a rowing machine; and 819 km by bike – that breaks down to 14km, 10km and 41km respectively per day!

Route showing the Run part of the challenge
The "Run"

Over the course of this epic challenge, we will be covering the team’s progress with regular updates to our various social media feeds. So be sure to follow us on Twitter and Pinterest – all your support and encouragement will be greatly appreciated!

Route showing the Row part of the challenge
The "Row"

About the BCPA

The British Cardiac Patient’s Association (BCPA) is a non-profit organisation, run by volunteers, and established to provide support to cardiac patients and their carers.

The charity does fantastic work in providing much-needed support, reassurance and advice to cardiac patients, their families and carers.

Up for the challenge

Clair Clarke, HR Director, Trapeze Group and Cultura Technologies, said: “The Trapeze team are definitely up for the challenge and have made a great start towards running the 276 km from Wiltshire to Harwich, rowing 205 km from Harwich to the Hook of Holland, and cycling 819 km to Aarhus, Denmark.”

She added: “Chris himself did fundraising work for the Staffordshire branch of the BCPA, so I am sure he would be appreciative of the team’s efforts.”

Route showing the Ride part of the challenge
The "Ride"

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