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Working with Other Public Transport Stakeholders

The Challenge

From third party operators to downstream users such as Traveline and other data publishers, there has never been a greater requirement for Local Authorities to find more effective ways to work with other stakeholders in the public transport arena. And yet, while we live in a world of mobile Internet and unprecedented connectivity, this remains a consistent headache for Local Authority transport departments around the country. Shouldn’t it be easier for us all to work together?

The Solution

For those of us working in the public transport sector, technology that connects stakeholders is, and must remain, a critical objective. By embracing data standards and unifying systems we can ensure that all stakeholders operate in a more consistent and ultimately effective manner.

Only then will we ensure that the public sees our product as a single unified transport system: one which is touched by operators, authorities, suppliers and data managers without compromising the objective to deliver a safe, efficient and ultimately enjoyable public transport experience.


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