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Working with your Internal IT Team

The Challenge

Working with internal IT teams can be a  challenge for Local Authority transport managers. Budget constraints mean that opportunities to invest in new technology tend to be few and far between, so systems become creaky over time. Compounding this issue, IT teams are invariably small and have to look after large numbers of staff, so you have to wait your turn - and when they get round to you they might not have the specialist knowledge relating to transport-specific software such as scheduling or real-time.

The Solution

A far better solution is to entrust your IT requirements to an external party that can offer reliability, responsiveness and transparency of costs. This affords you greater leverage: after all, if they don't do the work, you don't pay them! Furthermore, payment can be based on your capacity requirements. Best of all, by outsourcing your IT you can ensure that performance, upgrades, disaster recovery and back-up are no longer your problem: you simply buy the output, retain complete control over Service Level Agreements, and leave your IT partner to worry about the rest.


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