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Promoting Modal Shift & Public Transport Agenda

The Challenge

Populations are increasing; our cities are getting fuller and expanding outwards. Private vehicle use is rising, ensuring that our roads become ever more congested. Building new roads takes years - creating the pain of disruption and delays in the interim - and at the point they are complete they may no longer be fit for the capacity that was originally envisaged. Add in the fact that in the UK we have limited land mass to exploit, and at some point we need to start thinking about alternatives. As public transport providers and stakeholders, isn't it time we did a better job of convincing the public to leave their cars at home and embrace the myriad benefits of public transport?

The Solution

We believe that convenience, reliability and comfort of travel are the essential building blocks of a successful public transport system. By meeting these needs it is possible to remove the pain and inconvenience that prevents potential travelers from using public transport.

By embracing the potential of modern technology you can ensure the consistency of transport data, whether on bus shelter and interchange displays, mobile apps, websites and call centres; so members of the public know they can always trust the information in front of them.

Furthermore, by making sure data is available whenever and wherever it is needed - even in times of disruption - the public have confidence that they can travel wherever and whenever they need to.

As well as promoting consistent data to facilitate an increase in patronage, data is also key to enable Local Authorities to deliver innovate service provision by integrating existing demand responsive activity with fixed route services reducing the need a fund tendered services but providing a flexible approach to service design.


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