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Increasing Efficiency in Local Authority & Community Transport Operations

The Challenge

Local Authorities have a responsibility to provide transport which can be used by all members of the community. Such on-demand services (or as it is often termed, demand responsive transport) has huge potential for inefficiency, from the process of receiving trip requirements through to the way they are scheduled communicated and paid for. And with items like the personalisation agenda this is an area undergoing considerable legislative and cultural change. How do you provide efficiency in such circumstances?

The Solution

We believe efficient Local Authority and Community Transport operations can be achieved – even in an economy where Local Authority budgets are under increased scrutiny. By modernising your technology you can ensure that work is booked, processed and dispatched with minimal manual involvement; enabling your staff to focus on the work they really need to do.

By streamlining driver schedules so as to maximise job throughput you can minimise payments to third party drivers, while the ability to have social workers book remotely jobs for their patients ensures consistency of data and mobilises a potential third party workforce.


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