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Ticketing & Fare Handling (BusCos)

For bus operators, mobile ticketing offers the tantalising prospect of a technology which simultaneously cuts costs associated with cash handling while delivering additional revenues through increased ridership.

And for those not swayed by that vision, it also presents unique marketing benefits in the form of consistent brand presence on people’s phones; positioning as a modern, tech-savvy operator; and the ability to instantly create and apply special offers and promotions.

What’s more, we believe that the true value of mobile ticketing is yet to be realised. By partnering mobile ticketing with mobile passenger information, you have the ability to offer your passengers a unified travel portal from which they can plan, commit to, and actually book trips via a consistent single interface.

We believe this union of ticketing and information is the next great leap for transport providers; one that will enable you to reach a wider audience, thereby increasing ridership and ultimately revenues.


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