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Raise the Public’s Confidence in Public Transport

The Challenge

Public confidence is the most fragile element of our public transport infrastructure: after all, it only takes one piece of poor information; one bus that doesn’t turn up; or one road traffic incident to completely undermine weeks or even months of otherwise faultless service.

London’s iBus system is rightly a showcase public transport system, but while having 6,000 buses certainly helps, many would argue it is public confidence that has paved the way for this perfect union of transport system and with passenger expectations.

The Solution

Increased public confidence can only be achieved through reliability of services combined with availability of accurate information.

By investing in real-time web and mobile solutions you can ensure the travelling public can find the information they need; ensuring they retain their faith in the transport system wherever and whenever they are: at home, at the stop, when on the move – and most importantly during times of disruption.


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