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Integrate my IT/Operational Systems

The Challenge

Running operations as efficiently as possible is absolutely paramount, so keeping control of overheads is a daily concern. Finding capital in the current financial environment is also a real problem; each of your operational and passenger information systems have differing ICT demands (in terms of memory, bandwidth and so on), and all are seen as critical by those that use them. On top of that, you need staff to run it all and make sure that everything is backed up, stored and maintained correctly, and how to avoid equipment obsolescence? And who is responsible for disaster recovery?

The Solution

A far better solution is to entrust your IT/Operational system requirements to an external party that can run all of your systems for you - paid for out of Operating Expense (OPEX). By outsourcing your IT you can ensure that performance, upgrades, disaster recovery and back-up are no longer your problem: you simply pay for system availability and leave your IT supplier to worry about the rest.


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