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Increase Ridership

The Challenge

The drive to increase bus ridership is one of biggest challenges bus operators face, because in most instances you’re not (only) competing with other transport providers; you’re competing with the car that’s sat in the drive.

However, car ownership is becoming more expensive by the day; our roads ever more congested. There’s a nation of bus users waiting to be convinced that public transport is the solution to their travel needs. For that to happen, getting a bus needs to be as simple and pain-free as getting into the car in their drive.

The Solution

We believe quality of experience is the key to increasing ridership – and that it begins before the passenger gets on the bus, and ends after they get off. By investing in modern technology you can ensure your travel information is consistent and accurate wherever it is used: in print, at bus stops, online and via mobile Apps; even – especially – in times of disruption.

Technology can help ensure that your service is reliable, creating confidence in services; and with driver training tools and the latest on-board systems you can ensure the journey itself is safe, comfortable and enjoyable.


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