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Duty Allocation: Your Complete Bus Driver Management Solution

As any forward allocator knows, duty allocation is far more than allocating drivers to shifts. Effective duty allocation incorporates every aspect of driver and duty management, from the record of the scheduled operation; allocation of holiday and rest days; and record of actual events as they occur during the operational day.

Trapeze’s Duty Allocation System ensures safety and legal compliance by taking account of the vehicles and routes each driver is able to operate, as well as their current working schedule, working time directives, and working hours to ensure compliance with the Road Traffic Act.

In any traffic office, sickness and schedule changes require manual intervention, so the ability to assess different options for covering work – along with the business cost for each – is a powerful tool.

Furthermore, by providing drivers the ability to check duties and manage swaps online, the system transforms the traffic office into a calmer and more productive working environment.

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