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Consolidate In-Vehicle Hardware

The Challenge

From ticket machines to CCTV cameras and customer wi-fi systems, via passenger counting systems and destination blinds: our buses are becoming home to an almost endless collection of boxes and oh so much cabling.

Convergence technologies have streamlined our personal lives to the extent that our phones now take on the roles of music player, mobile computer, radio, book, personal organiser and even newspaper. Yet when it comes to our buses we’re seemingly happy to keep loading them down with more and more single-function boxes.

 The inevitable outcome of this is extra cost and inconvenience – multiple installation costs, multiple communication contract costs, multiple maintenance contracts, and multiple relationships to manage.

The Solution

Hardware developments in recent years mean there is now no need to install separate boxes for all of the on-board technology you require. By investing in a flexible modern communications and routing device you can reduce hardware and support costs, remove reliance on third party suppliers, centralise vehicle communications to a single point, and future proof your vehicles with the latest technology.


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