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Superhero or Superuser? Kieran Barry, National Express

Kieran Barry was one of the stars of Trapeze’s UK Conference in November, where his session, A Customer’s Story, detailed his personal journey from driver to traffic officer; and now allocation manager and Duty Allocation System (DAS) Superuser. We enjoyed it so much we thought it worth retelling.

Photo of Kieran at Trapeze Conference

Today, as Forward Allocation Manager for National Express, it is Kieran’s responsibility to manage resources to ensure that all duties are covered and services run. Typically that means everything from building a yearly rota to covering work a few weeks ahead, and then daily troubleshooting to deal with sickness and unavailability. “It’s juggling!” he summarises.

Kieran’s transition to Superuser began in 2011, when he was selected as the Start Hill champion for National Express’ DAS system. He undertook an initial five-day training course with Trapeze, and set about improving processes and passing on the knowledge he had gained.

“The Superuser role blends with my daily requirement to assist the depot manager,” Kieran explains. “I use DAS to manage resources so that we can run the depot; it’s about always looking ahead – by weeks and even months. DAS helps with forward planning – and then on a daily basis I can help others within the depot.”

Photo of Kieran Barry, DAS Superuser

He continues: “As a Superuser I use my knowledge to help others within the organisation. I can reassure users and support with internal training, while managers know there’s a single place to go for the reporting – for example paternity or amount of annual leave taken – and forecasting for future needs of the business: It’s all in DAS and I am here to help them find it.”

“DAS helps me to run the depot within company guidelines, so we’re meeting budgets and hitting targets,” Kieran says. “On a personal level, having that knowledge is great; and I enjoy the job I do. I enjoy using DAS and believe the more I can get out of it, the better it is for all of us”.

Looking ahead, Kieran reveals: “Within the organisation we currently have a big push on engagement, so I’m considering ways we can better engage our drivers. The DAS-Web driver self-service portal is certainly something I’m looking at.”

As a Superuser for more than three years now, what does Kieran think of the role? “It’s so important,” he insists. “As an organisation you need someone to lead and push the system forwards. It’s also important to have someone who maintains a positive relationship and open lines of communication with your supplier.”

And what of that star turn at Trapeze’s UK Conference? “I really enjoyed it,” he recalls. “It was great to meet other system users, and from speaking to a few attendees it seemed like my presentation struck a chord with them, so that was good to know.”

Our thanks to Kieran for his time. If you are a Trapeze superuser and want to tell your story, please let us know!

Watch Kieran talking about DAS in this video.

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“The Superuser role blends with my daily requirement to assist the depot manager”

- Kieran Barry, Forward Allocation Manager, National Express

Kieran Barry is Forward Allocation Manager for National Express at Start Hill, where he and his team manage coach connections between Stanstead Airport and London, Heathrow, Gatwick and Luton airports.