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Driver Training: Let’s support our drivers!

The Trapeze Team | August 26, 2016

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We all know that staff training is incredibly important – that is as true for bus operators as almost every other business. There are different approaches of course, and while training is widely seen as a supportive tool for staff development and retention, maybe technology has encouraged us to focus on exceptions? Telematics-driven driver league tables and disciplinary processes for repeated issues are the obvious examples.

While such activities are clearly valuable in terms of identifying and addressing behaviour, have we become too focused on addressing the minority of underperforming drivers to the detriment of the majority of perfectly good ones?

What if we could raise driver performance levels across the board, so we don’t only improve the underperformers, but our good become great, and our best even better? And what if we could offer all this while providing a convenient, supportive training service that drivers actually appreciate; one that increases their engagement and satisfaction levels?

Welcome to NOVUS DT: a new approach to driver training. Find out more here.

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