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Catch the Bus Week: 5 reasons to get on board!

The Trapeze Team | July 04, 2016

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Today sees the start of Catch the Bus Week! Organised by Greener Journeys, the campaign is designed to get people to give the bus a try. We think it’s a great idea – and here’s why.

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1. Buses are good for the environment

It’s obvious that one vehicle to carry lots of people is better for the environment than everyone driving their own car. But how much better? Greener Journeys report that if everyone in the UK swapped just one car journey per month to a bus trip, the result would be one billion fewer journeys, saving 2 million tonnes of CO2. The subsequent reduction in congestion is a pretty handy knock-on effect, as well.

2. Buses help the economy

Greener Journeys tell us that bus users make 1.4 billion shopping trips and spend £27 billion on retail goods annually. Additionally, bus commuters create more than £64 billion worth of goods and services.

3. Buses are affordable

While cars can be expensive, bus travel offers essential affordable mobility, putting people in touch with everyday essentials such as shops, doctors, friends and families.

4. Buses can avoid congestion

With congestion an increasing problem in many UK cities and towns, catching the bus can often be quicker than driving – and certainly less stressful than sitting in traffic.

5. Buses are getting better all the time

Technology is making bus travel more convenient and reliable all the time. Bus users now have the ability to plan end-to-end journeys, and can even elect to receive alerts should anything occur that may interfere with their planned trip.

Find out more about Catch the Bus Week here.

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