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2015 Predictions in Passenger Information

Paul Everson | January 09, 2015

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Prediction #1: Public transport will become more personal

Over the past couple of years, the use of Social Media as a means to push information to travellers – particularly at times of disruption - has become well established. As a result travellers feel more informed, even if the news isn’t necessarily what they want to hear.

The problem with these feeds is that they are indiscriminate – they push everything to everyone, leaving the traveller to sift through to find out what might be relevant.

I predict that public facing solutions will evolve in 2015 to enable transport providers to target relevant information to users, so that they only get updates that are relevant to the journeys they are interested in.

Prediction #2: Real time information and disruptions will become the norm

The rise of real time and disruption feeds as APIs from bus, rail and other sources means there are no longer any excuses for system integrators not to include real-time updates in their public facing solutions.

Rather than real-time and disruption feeds being considered an add-on to scheduled information, I predict 2015 will see the balance switch so that there is an expectation that results are real-time by default.

This idea is explored more fully in this article.

Prediction #3: Integration, integration, integration

Our clients often have several online channels, each focussing on a separate part of their business – typically a core, corporate site with separate content for journey planning, ticketing and so on. These silos have arisen due to the fact they are generally provided by separate sub-system suppliers.

Through the use of APIs, I predict that organisations will get better at integrating all this content within a single site that provides the user with a better experience.

Prediction #4: Popularity of mobile platforms will increase

Looking back over our customers’ passenger information statistics from 2014, it is clear that we reached the ‘tipping point’ where more users accessed our online channels using mobile devices, rather than desktop.

I anticipate that mobile will forevermore be the preferred channel of accessing passenger information. The need to consider ’mobile first‘ will see subtly different solutions evolve in 2015 – ones where location awareness and responsive design principles become the norm.

This article has more information on this theme.

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