Understanding ‘Total Transport’

The Trapeze Team | December 01, 2015

Given that the concept of ‘Total Transport’ has triggered much conversation in recent times, we thought it a perfect topic for discussion at the 2015 Trapeze UK Conference – to do so we turned to an expert in the field: Mark Hudson, Group Manager for Transport & Travel at…

Braced for impact: traffic collisions and how to prevent them

The Trapeze Team | November 25, 2015

Photo of Leslie Watson
Leslie Watson

At the recent Trapeze UK Conference, First Group South Yorkshire’s Incident Investigator Leslie Watson gave a fascinating presentation on prevention of road collisions – and why supporting drivers is a critical part of the solution.

While the importance of…

Reflections on Coach & Bus Live: the importance of marketing

The Trapeze Team | October 30, 2015

At the recent Coach & Bus Live conference, Mark Yexley (of Yexley Consultants) gave an interesting presentation on the role of marketing within the bus industry. Centring on the idea that the bus industry doesn’t market the great work it does, the session clearly caught the…

Thoughts on Coach & Bus Live: The bus technology experience

The Trapeze Team | October 25, 2015

One of a number of interesting sessions at this year’s Coach & Bus Live conference in Birmingham was presented by Martijn Gilbert, Chief Executive at Reading Buses, on the subject of the role of technology in the bus industry.

Photo from Bus and Coach

Introducing the session, Gilbert outlined his belief…

The fine art of effective reporting

Pete Adney | October 20, 2015

There is no shortage of data in the world. The dawn of the twenty-first century has ushered in the information age – and as we witness the rise of big and open data, the public transport sector, and the bus industry, will increasingly be judged on the way it collects, processes and…

The rise of demand responsive transport

Andrew Fish | October 07, 2015

It is a time of change in the UK public transport industry – and within the bus industry in particular. In London, bus services are thriving – with more passenger journeys in the capital than in the rest of England combined. Yet, as Guardian columnist John Harris notes in this…

Why it’s time to #ChoosePublicTransport

The Trapeze Team | September 17, 2015

By sharing ideas, we can uncover innovative solutions and ways to make public transport popular, and encourage all members of the public to choose public transport over the private car.

Life with DAS-Web (Driver Self-Service)

Pete Adney | September 09, 2015

Abellio London & Surrey operates some 37 bus routes across north Surrey, and a further 44 in London – which is no mean feat. With 600 buses on these routes and 2100 staff behind them, the company understands the crucial role technology can play in streamlining operations, improving…

Award winning passenger information with Traveline Scotland

The Trapeze Team | July 23, 2015

When it comes to delivering effective, innovative information to passengers, Traveline Scotland are clearly doing something right. At the 2015 Scottish Transport Awards, the organisation scooped up the prestigious ‘Excellence in technology and innovation’ award for its use of a…

The future of schools transport

The Trapeze Team | July 16, 2015

With some 8.2 million pupils attending more than 24,000 schools in England, the provision of transport is a considerable challenge for Local Authorities across the country. Yet the task of promoting sustainable transport solutions and arranging safe and reliable transport for…

‘Total Transport’ – let’s get together

Andrew Fish | July 09, 2015

Image of transport networkWe all know that connecting people is a key transport objective, and we understand the social, economic and environmental benefits of an effective public transport network. However, with budgets tightening, Local Authorities and affiliated organisations tasked with the provision of…

The [RTPI] revolution will be cloud-based

The Trapeze Team | July 03, 2015

Across the UK, Local Authorities and bus operators are driving a technological revolution that is transforming the way Real-Time Passenger Information (RTPI) is delivered to passengers.

Nowhere is this more apparent than in Wiltshire, where council workers are quickly realising…

Passenger information: it’s a matter of trust

The Trapeze Team | June 25, 2015

When first arriving in a new town or city – be it foreign or domestic – it’s easy to empathise with the feeling of uncertainty when it comes to navigating our new locality, and deciphering relevant local transport information that can help us get from A to B.

How many times have…

Passenger Information:  Does one size fit all?

Paul Everson | June 25, 2015

As a provider of passenger information websites and Apps, Trapeze is constantly reminded of the choices available to the traveller. With the availability of Open Data, the number of alternatives grows daily.

However, it occurs to me how similar passenger information websites and…

A little more conversation

Pete Adney | June 23, 2015

Photo from UK Conference 2014

It’s no secret that I strongly believe every decision we make in the public transport industry should be made with the public in mind. Our job is to provide the best possible service to those people waiting at bus stops across the country. Because of this, we must always seek new…

Traffic Office Admin: Lifting the Load

Pete Adney | June 17, 2015

Photo of traffic office admin staff

I would like to begin by paying tribute to the unsung heroes of the bus industry: the traffic office staff who work to keep the UK bus industry functioning effectively. I appreciate this role because I did it myself, when I worked as assistant depot manager at Travel West…

A School “Portal” to Expand the Local Office Universe

Andrew Fish | June 09, 2015

In this era of austerity, is it fanciful to hope for a time when Local Authorities no longer struggle under the strain of decreasing budgets; instead embracing technology to progress working practice and thereby freeing up time to focus on improving customer relations and school transport services?

A Head in the Cloud

The Trapeze Team | June 01, 2015

RTPI systems are notoriously complex, regularly involving multiple stakeholders and requiring delivery expertise across multiple departments. As a result, often the most significant costs don’t actually derive from the RTPI system itself – but rather from the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) resource and infrastructure required to implement and maintain it.

Perhaps this is why we are increasingly seeing a recognition that a Cloud-based approach is the best solution for back-end RTPI systems.

Quality training for quality drivers

The Trapeze Team | May 27, 2015

This blog looks at how driver training is integral to the success of any bus company and how technology is transforming how drivers are trained.

Passenger Information: what’s your strategy?

Paul Everson | May 20, 2015

Commercial operators and local authorities understand that effective delivery of passenger information is a critical component of the modern public transport infrastructure. But in order to be effective, we first need to have a clear passenger information strategy.

Such a strategy…

The balancing act: managing service levels in times of austerity

The Trapeze Team | May 12, 2015

In austere financial times, the challenge of delivering savings and cutting costs, while also maintaining high levels of customer service, requires tenacity of the highest order by transport professionals.

Implementing new software - every second counts!

Pete Adney | May 06, 2015

With budgets tight, bus operators increasingly recognise that technology investments must ‘hit the ground running’, delivering results – and of course return on investment – from day one.

This means that new IT systems must be implemented effectively and quickly. But just as…

The Importance of Passenger Retention

Pete Adney | May 05, 2015

While researching a recent article, I have been thinking a lot about the idea of passenger retention. It seems that rather than only focusing on attracting new passengers, we have to do a better job of ensuring first-time users become regular customers.

It’s amazing how many…

Thinking outside the back office

Andrew Fish | May 01, 2015

Developments in online technology have produced countless opportunities for innovation and efficiency in the workplace – and Local Authorities are no exception. For example, Sheffield City Council have streamlined laborious processes to deliver essential efficiency gains.


A world without cars?

The Trapeze Team | May 01, 2015

Picture a world of large, open, green spaces; of cheap and efficient public transport systems; abundant, affordable housing; and happy, healthy, productive people.

This is a world where private and public expenses have been dramatically reduced, paving the way for innovative…

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