RTPI for improved customer experience: First Group Hampshire & Dorset

The Trapeze Team | May 12, 2016

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When adopting an RTPI system it is important to choose a solution that works for both your organisation and your passengers. This was certainly true for First Group Hampshire & Dorset when they chose to implement Trapeze’s NOVUS RT system. Here’s how they got on.

Chrissie Bainbridge, Business Performance Director and General Manager, explains: “NOVUS RT gives us clean, clear data on a variety of different aspects of our business operations. The reporting features are extremely reliable – Trapeze far outstrip all other systems in the reporting.”

“It’s about using information to improve customer experience: we can quickly identify the reasons for any bus scheduling or timetable issues – such as a late running or early running bus – and when you have information you can trust, you can implement effective solutions; thus improving customer service.”

First’s users are happy too: Network Controller Adrian Cook] says: “It’s easy to use and gives us all the information we need to run services effectively – which means ultimately it’s the customers who benefit. We previously relied on a radio-based system which presented many communications challenges; this is much improved now. The Trapeze system – is vital to our operations and is effectively our window to see and interact with our services.”

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As part of the RTPI project, First Group Hampshire & Dorset have implemented on-board Wi-Fi on their buses, delivered via Trapeze’s Intelligent Data Router (IDR) units.

Chrissie explains: “Increasingly, customers expect to find Wi-Fi on their buses – especially our younger passengers: everything is done on their phones! When they have access to the internet they can easily search for real-time information and travel updates relating to their journeys – which is really valuable for them.”

“The Wi-Fi from Trapeze’s IDR complements the real-time system, which of course also feeds into the on-board visual display units, as well as the next-stop announcements, which are so useful for customers.”

“Trapeze works closely with us to develop new and exciting ways to improve service delivery and communication with our customers,” Chrissie adds. “Customer expectations are quite rightly increasing and they tell us they want to know what is happening with their service.  We need to respond to that and the Trapeze technology allows us to step up and deliver expected improvements. We look forward to continued partnership working to do just that.”

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