Passenger Information: Why you MUST Consider Mobile

Paul Everson | January 07, 2015

For the past five years we at Trapeze have tracked usage of our passenger information websites to ensure our development and testing matches the browsers and operating systems used by the travelling public.

An interesting side-effect of this analysis has been witnessing the inexorable rise of ‘mobile’ over ‘desktop’ browsers first hand. As you can see from the graph below, during 2014 we reached the tipping point where more users now access our sites from mobile devices.

Graph showing mobile v. desktop trends

I believe this trend will continue and that from this point forward, mobile will be the primary method of accessing such systems.

We shouldn’t be surprised at this trend. The rise of Smartphones – and to a lesser extent falling mobile data tariffs and increased network coverage – now mean travellers don’t hesitate to use their devices to search for travel information.

The traveller of today is more informed and has greater expectations than ever before. As an industry we have tried to match these expectations with social media, real-time and incident information (these last three have one thing in common: the need for information is greatest during times of disruption).

This trend is also interesting as we at Trapeze consider future product developments: Gone are the days where we simply add ever more functionality to our traditional desktop sites.

‘Mobile first’ means two things: Firstly, an emphasis on simpler, more intuitive user interfaces, built on Responsive Web Design principles so that users of any device have the same experience. And secondly, the use of mapping and location-based services to ensure responses are tailored to the transport network in the vicinity of the user.

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Paul Everson is Trapeze's Product Manager (Travel Information). He has been working in public transport for 18 years and joined Trapeze in 2008. Paul says: "My role within Trapeze is a mix of product and account management, which suits my interests and skillset. I find it exciting to be part of an industry that is constantly evolving".