Is people training the ultimate technology investment?

The Trapeze Team | December 15, 2016

As a Trapeze customer you already know that investment in technology can dramatically improve efficiency of public transport delivery. But are you achieving maximum value from your system? Investment in training can deliver greater efficiency and even help you retain staff. Let’s find out how.

Maximum value from your investment

There’s a world of difference between effective daily use of a computer system and mastering it for maximum effect – but it is here that the true value of technology investment can be found. The findings of education professor Benjamin Bloom tell us that “experts are always made, not born”, so if we wish to benefit from true expertise then we must accept that it takes time and energy to get there.

But is it a worthwhile investment? The gulf between competence and expertise is key here: According to the Dreyfus model of skill acquisition, an expert performer achieves significantly more by being "able to see what needs to be achieved and how to achieve it... make more refined and subtle discriminations… tailoring approach and method to each situation."

Fortunately, Trapeze’s trainers are uniquely positioned to bridge the gap between competence and true expertise, thanks to their experience, in-depth industry knowledge and understanding of the challenges you face.

Client feedback shows that our trainers consistently surpass training quality targets in terms of knowledge, helpfulness and preparation. And of course, as we are the experts in our software, we are best positioned to advise on how to get the most out of it.

An additional fringe benefit here is that because our trainers are industry – as well as technology – experts, training courses often highlight wider procedural changes that can be implemented to achieve immediate efficiency improvements.

Increase staff engagement and retention

Effective training must be considered an ongoing part of organisational development, rather than a one-off process. This especially applies to software that is fundamental to the function of a department – as is often the case in transport management.

Not only does investing in training improve your organisational efficiency; it also helps you engage and retain staff, according to Nick Russell from The Work Foundation: "It is part of the employee's psychological contract of employment - ensuring that they get the opportunity to develop and improve their skills." Indeed, technology training can even fuel successful careers: Abellio London and Surrey’s Kevin Stone is a great example, having “made a career out of being a DAS superuser.”

Additionally, by investing in technology training you ensure the knowledge and skills obtained can be documented and transferred so they remain permanently within your organisation, available whenever required, regardless of staff turnover. This reduces ongoing cost and minimises the time before new staff are productive in their roles.

Do more with less

With budgets tight across so much of the transport sector, the requirement to ‘do more with less’ has never been greater. But while any investment must be considered carefully, training is a relatively low cost way to increase effectiveness across an organisation. While it is important to judge the Return on Investment of your training, Ewart Keep, deputy director at the ESRC Centre on Skills, Knowledge and Organisational Performance, comments: “The question we should be asking is: ‘What would the consequences be if we did not train?’ It is likely that there would be implications for the quality of products and services.”1

And while training has a clear impact on the technology users, there is also an often-overlooked benefit for managers and department heads: well trained staff are better problem solvers and require less management and supervision, thereby allowing senior staff to focus on tasks that drive greater benefit to the organisation.

We can make the business case for you

Does your organisation have a central training budget? If so, you could improve operational effectiveness without spending a penny of your departmental budget. We would be delighted to present a business case for training investment on your behalf – simply email Christina and we will do the rest!

Let’s train your staff to unleash the true potential of your technology investment. Contact Trapeze today.


  1. People Management Editorial, (2003), The Real Bottom Line on Training, CIPD online, Available:

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