How DriverMate Improves DRT Services

The Trapeze Team | August 16, 2016

Effective Demand Responsive Transport (DRT) relies on drivers’ ability to easily access accurate information regarding passengers and trip information. By integrating with your Trapeze scheduling system, DriverMate improves driver communications and therefore delivery of DRT services.

Integration with scheduling systems

Communicating changes to drivers while they are on the road is critical: if there is a cancellation or change of pickup address, drivers need to know the details in order to complete the job without delay. DriverMate seamlessly integrates with your scheduling system so information changes appear directly on the driver’s Android device. This maintains service levels while removing time consuming phone calls to the back office, so office staff can spend their time on other beneficial tasks.

Targeted communications

DriverMate offers targeted one-to-one messages to individual drivers via their Android device. Alternatively, messages can be sent to groups of drivers or the entire fleet when needed. Either way, data messaging means distracting radio chatter is a thing of the past.

Easy navigation

DriverMate offers drivers precise navigation guidance via Google Maps and Street View. Navigation can be instigated with a key press, so idling time is minimised and potential errors removed.

Real time improves passenger confidence

We all know that Real-time has transformed fixed route transport – and it has the potential to do the same for DRT. DriverMate offers real-time tracking, so passengers can see when their vehicle is due to arrive. And when operators know exactly where their vehicles are, they can manage the fleet more effectively by ensuring work is always covered by the most suitable vehicle.

Same-day reporting for better performance

Reports are critical in order to successfully operate at a consistently high level. Even better, DriverMate offers same-day reporting using real-time data, number of miles travelled and trip times or lengths. Performance levels can be monitored, too.

Utilise ‘off the shelf’ hardware

DriverMate operates on Android devices, offering a flexible, affordable driver communications solution. And implementation couldn’t be easier: it’s just “plug and play”.

You already know the power of Trapeze’s DRT scheduling technology; are you ready to take it to the next level? To find out more about DriverMate, contact Trapeze today.

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