Choosing the right supplier for driver self-service – with Cardiff Bus

The Trapeze Team | August 12, 2015

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When adopting new technology it is important to work with an experience supplier you can trust. That was certainly true for Cardiff Bus when introducing Trapeze’s driver self service system, DAS-Web. Here’s how they got on.

Head of Operations Simon Mohammad explains: “We needed to restructure the organisation. DAS-Web was a tool to help that process; and it has been nothing short of amazing. This has been the biggest change in our operation in 30 years… it’s been a hugely successful implementation: the system has been accepted by everyone.”

Simon says that the decision to implement DAS-Web was based on a long-standing and positive working relationship with Trapeze: “We’ve been working with Trapeze for years. When we saw what DAS-Web could do, we knew it was a unique offering so wanted to utilise it.”

Cardiff Bus drivers evidently love the system – Simon reports that some have even bought mobile devices, just so they can use it. And Performance Supervisor Mark Monteane explains how the system has helped free time for himself and other supervisors, who are removed from the burden of constant telephone calls and can better manage their workload.

Assistant Head of Operations Debbie Newton agrees: “it’s been a huge success. Those involved are less stressed, and able to focus on other tasks. Having holidays handled through the system has reduced friction between drivers and office staff, creating a more pleasant working environment.”

And Debbie says this is one strong relationship that is set to continue: “We have a great relationship with Trapeze; the team are fab. We always had a quick response from Trapeze support staff if we ever had any queries… When we first heard about what DAS-Web could do we almost couldn’t believe it. But it works!”

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