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There are many reasons to value public transport, from the environmental to the economic, political and cultural. But public transport is more than that: It's the means by which we as a society connect families and friends; our children with their schools; and workers with the jobs that drive our economies. Public transport is what connects us all.


On top of the world

Managing public transport information when the Tour De France comes to town. With South Yorkshire PTE.

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Evangelical about data

How do we get people to leave their cars at home? Buckinghamshire County Council tell us data quality is the answer.

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Cardiff’s traffic office is a sea of calm
- Debbie Newton, Assistant Head of Operations

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The Local Authority Transport Issue

With limited budget but continued pressure to deliver efficient transport, local authority transport departments have an unenviable task. Could social workers be the saviour?

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What happened to our world of tomorrow?

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Filling the (open data) gap

A recent article in Local Transport Today got me thinking about what Local Authorities…

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The image of the bus: Time for an extreme makeover?

Having been part of the bus industry for so long, I have seen countless changes down…

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Social media: this time it’s personal

Back in January, I made a number of predictions about passenger information. As I said…

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Reflections on the Great Transport Debate

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RTPI Increases ridership! Who knew?!

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2015 Predictions in Local Authority Transport DRT

Banner showing Andrew Fish and his predictions for local authority

Prediction #1: The inexorable rise of ‘spend to save’

Like my colleague Pete, I am…

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2015 Predictions in Bus Operations

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Prediction #1: Fear of spending will continue

I’m going to start this series with a…

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2015 Predictions in Passenger Information

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Prediction #1: Public transport will become more personal

Over the past couple of…

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