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There are many reasons to value public transport, from the environmental to the economic, political and cultural. But public transport is more than that: It's the means by which we as a society connect families and friends; our children with their schools; and workers with the jobs that drive our economies. Public transport is what connects us all.


On top of the world

Managing public transport information when the Tour De France comes to town. With South Yorkshire PTE.

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Evangelical about data

How do we get people to leave their cars at home? Buckinghamshire County Council tell us data quality is the answer.

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Cardiff’s traffic office is a sea of calm
- Debbie Newton, Assistant Head of Operations

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Not So Remote: Flexible, Smart Working in the Digital Age

We are living in a digital age – one where the previously impossible is often both practical and even mundane. Technology is changing the way we live, think and work on a daily basis – and will continue to shape our public transport systems and the teams that manage them. Will smarter, more flexible working enable us to deliver services more effectively, thereby meeting the increasing call to ‘do more with less’?

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Leslie Watson

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Why it’s time to #ChoosePublicTransport

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We all know the importance of driving modal shift in our increasingly congested…

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Life with DAS-Web (Driver Self-Service)

Abellio London & Surrey operates some 37 bus routes across north Surrey, and a further…

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Award winning passenger information with Traveline Scotland

When it comes to delivering effective, innovative information to passengers, Traveline…

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The future of schools transport

With some 8.2 million pupils attending more than 24,000 schools in England, the…

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